2020 Texas Citizen Police Academy Alumni and Law Enforcement Annual Training Will be held in College Station, Texas July 26-29 (Sun.-Wed.), 2020  Early Registration form is here

State Organization Contacts:        

See http://texascpaaa.org/board.html

Dorris Murdock, TCPAAA 4th VP

Leo Waltz, TCPAAA Web Manager

Future events:

2020:  College Station, July 26-29 (Sun.-Wed.), 2020

2021:  Plano


Updated 8/15/2019

2020 Flyer

Information will be posted when available.

Mary Jo Prince and the 2020 Team takes over the reins from San Marcos at the end of the 2019 Convention.

The following are links related to the 2019 Convention

Photos from 2019 Convention
(separate album for each day, each opens in a new tab/window)

Here is a link to the TV interview and about the mass shooting. (KTBC 7)

A link to the entire presentation is here, about an hour and 20 minutes.


Marijuana Facts presentation by Grand Prairie Assistant Chief Christy Martinez

“Chronic State”: https://vimeo.com/280127474

“Seattle is Dying”: https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/seattle-dying/
(Web manager note: I was unable to get the above video to run, but the page loads.)