2020 Texas Citizen Police Academy Alumni and Law Enforcement Annual Training Will be held in College Station, Texas July 26-29 (Sun.-Wed.), 2020  Registration form is here as regular pdf & an interactive pdf here. Form was last updated 1/16/2020

2020 Awards Nominations Packet

State Organization Contacts:        

See http://texascpaaa.org/board.html

Dorris Murdock, TCPAAA 4th VP

Leo Waltz, TCPAAA Web Manager

Future events:

2020:  College Station, July 26-29 (Sun.-Wed.), 2020

2021:  Plano, July 28-31 (Wed. - Sat.), 2021

2022:  Region One (Location to be announced)

Updated 2/14/2020

2020 Flyer

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Mary Jo Prince and the 2020 Team takes over the reins from San Marcos at the end of the 2019 Convention.