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The Texas CPAAA encourages you to continue your membership and is grateful for your support.  Your renewal will help us provide our annual statewide Law Enforcement Training Event and Convention. By attending the Annual Convention, dues are included in your individual registration fee.

Individual Membership Application/Renewal (.pdf**)
(**Note: The pdf version has interactive form fields that can be filled in prior to printing. Form fields may not be supported by all browsers, so we recommend downloading the form and using a pdf viewer such as Foxit or Adobe.  You can also save a filled form.)

The TCPAAA gladly accepts membership requests from any individual holding active and valid membership status in their own local CPA Alumni Association.  Annual dues for those individuals are $10.00, and should be remitted along with your completed application to the address shown below.

The dues “year” runs from the opening day of the convention to the day preceding the opening day of the convention in the following year.

CPAAA Information Form (.pdf  .doc)

While CPA Alumni Associations themselves are not eligible for membership under the TCPAAA bylaws (ref. to Article II, General 2.1), we have an Information Form that the Association may submit to register with us. Providing us your Alumni Association’s information will allow your group to receive updates from the TCPAAA, invitations to attend our State Convention and the opportunity for us to offer assistance to your leaders by sharing strategies for effective operations and growth of your local Association.  We ask you to submit an updated copy of the Information Form each year to provide us with a current roster of your elected Officers and Board of Directors, as well as any significant changes from the previous year.

Please send form and payment to:

Texas Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association

c/o Dorris Murdock

1400 Bradford Trace Dr.

Allen, TX 75002

Updated Aug 17, 2016